Social network marketing

Social networks are an integral part of successful internet business - you get to know your customers there and can communicate with them. We will help with the creation and management of your company profile, with event/contest organization and the deployment of effective campaigns.

How does social network marketing work?

Objectives and tasks

Setting the right goals and assignments is the basis of every project, because it is from them that the results and their evaluation are derived. Increase in the website or FB page traffic, in the number of conversions, in the conversion rate or the number of sales – all of these can be considered the main goals.

Competition analysis

It is useless to plan online propagation if you don't know the state of your competitors. Therefore, the analysis of online competition and their activities in this area is one of the pillars of success.

Targeting and strategies

We determine the appropriate target group and propose an effective strategy for reaching the right customers.

Creative concept

We will design and process concepts for commercials, create an engaging sales message and present your product in the best light.

Work plan and schedule

We will compile a detailed technical assignment and schedule of activities performed in social networks so that we have an overview of the tasks and work performed.

Reputation control

Strengthen your company's reputation and brand with social networking marketing tools. Find out what your customers are saying about you and have full control over your company's image. Everyone will appreciate the quality customer service on the Internet.

Organize competitions

Reach new users with exciting Facebook contests. Get countless shares and likes thanks to the tempting winnings you will offer to those who compete. The goal of each competition, of course, is your "win" in the form of newly addressed users.

SEO support

Your social media activities have a direct impact on the SEO of your site. In addition to these, well-configured on-page SEO also contributes to improving SEO effectiveness. Developing an online project pays off in every way!

Advertising campaigns

Effective PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns that bring customers to your FB page and your site. We will deploy compelling ads that are precisely targeted to your relevant user segment.

How much does social network marketing cost?

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