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Do you need a quality website? We create attractive, tailor-made functional websites. Fresh web design, lightning-fast delivery times and internal website optimization are a matter of course for us.

Impress your customers

Reach out to your customers with a stylish and tailor-made website. We create websites of any complexity according to your needs. We provide attractive solutions for corporate websites, business card (vCard) websites, e-shops, blogs, etc. Treat yourself to a representative online identity from a reliable supplier.

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The way users navigate and perceive the website is certainly important, but let us not forget the importance of search engines and their influence on the actual traffic to the site. The entire structure and content of the website must meet the general conditions of validity for search engines. On-page optimization is our strong point and the most effective weapon in the endless struggle with search engines and their robots. Thanks to this, all websites from the SEOprofy workshop are destined to achieve the top positions in search results.



In addition to the classical web display on laptops and PCs, we are aware of the enormous potential for increasing website traffic via mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. The responsive design will enable fast and user-friendly browsing of the website on these devices and at the same time allow such visitors to perform the necessary action - most often a purchase. As sales of smartphones and tablets grow, so does the number of visitors browsing the web through them. That’s why it is necessary today to have a 100% adaptive website that will serve those users.



Your website is your best sales representative. The goal of every site is to ensure a quality conversion rate. We will carefully prepare your website "for the fight". We will perform a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your website and focus on creating a suitable structure and placement of quality content that will both impress your clients and convince them to take action.



Easy communication with the client is the basis of the success of your internet business. Therefore, based on your commercial intent, we will propose the deployment of an effective communication tool, be it an interactive online chat, a suitably laid-out contact form, news subscription or a form requesting telephone contact with the promise of a callback.
Remember that the more communication options you offer to your clients, the more opportunities and chances you have to close a new deal.

Reservation form

Reservation form

Some services often require easy online booking. We offer you rich experience in the creation of clear reservation systems and graphic design of user-friendly reservation forms.

Websites for everyone

"Business card" website

Do you need to create a simple and clear one-page website containing a basic overview of the services you offer and contact information for a personal presentation? Then you came to the right place.
A business card (vCard) website can serve you well at the very beginning of your business. We will gladly create a quality, professional-looking website for you. It will serve as your "business card" at a very favorable price.
You will get a web designed by specialists, with a simple and clear structure, a contact form through which potential clients will be able to address you, and, if you are interested, we can also provide quality text content. Due to its limited content, a "business card" website is not as suitable for SEO optimization as is, for example, a corporate website.

Landing page

We will prepare a professional one-page presentation for you, which contains unique commercial offer or propagates your services or products. As the name "landing page" implies, it is usually used as a target page for external advertising links and PPC campaigns. The main function of the landing page is to bring a high conversion rate. We will focus on you getting the most out of selling your goods and services. According to the nature of the offer, we will prepare a page design and process it for successful use in the campaign.

Corporate website

A multi-page, comprehensive, professionally prepared presentation of your company is an absolute necessity today. It usually contains an introductory page, structurally corresponding to a signpost with a logical transition to other pages.
Furthermore, it offers basic and extended information about the company, a range of services divided into other subpages, references of orders you have already completed and, last but not least, an important page with contact information and quick contact form.
This type of website is the most frequently requested online presentation. The main advantages of such a structured and comprehensively processed website include the possibility of quality SEO optimization for search engines and precise targeting of PPC campaigns to individual services.
Thanks to our experience, we’ll be happy to design and develop a website that takes into account your field of business in terms of site design requirements, including responsive design (ie. the correct display not only for PCs, but also for smartphones and tablets), as well as its content and logical arrangement.
The entire presentation can run on a quality content management system, thanks to which you will have your new website under control at any time.


E-shop, also known as online store, is a fully automated web platform for selling products or services. We will build an e-shop for you according to your requirements and needs. The professional appearance of the store corresponding to its niche is a matter of course.
Your store will automatically work with a variety of external applications that you and your customers will appreciate when shopping. We can, for example, connect your orders and invoicing with the Pohoda accounting system, and secure the export of your goods offer to the most popular goods comparators, such as zboží.cz, and others.
Thanks to smart solutions, you can offer your customers fast and secure payments for purchased goods and services through secure payment gateways. You can offer popular ways of delivering their goods, for example via Czech Post or Uloženka, and much more. Your store can be multilingual, with the entire offer being presented in several languages. Managing the store, adding and editing goods, or the ability to add your own articles will be easy for you thanks to the user-friendly environment of the store used for its administration.

Custom-built website

If you have any specific requirements or ideas for ​​your own website that do not fall into any of the above mentioned categories of websites, we will be happy to prepare a tailor-made, online solution for you to your satisfaction. We will create the necessary web application based on your specific requirements and needs. It will be a unique website both in terms of its appearance, functionality and use. We will design and program functions for you that will convene with your ideas about a functional solution. Do not hesitate to contact us with an inquiry!

On-page SEO is included in the cost of creating a website

Clear structure of the web presentation

Original modern look

Responsive web design

Quality text content

Interactive forms

Website level

We offer a wide range of web designs, be it a completely original design or just a modified template solution. A quality website can:

  • Captivate with its look and impress with its content
  • Force the user to take the desired action
  • Gain the client’s contacts for the future
  • Generate sales

Creation process

  • Choice of web design
  • Drawing up the assignment
  • Web coding
  • Content placement
  • Testing
  • Handover

The price depends on:

  • Design complexity
  • Delivery time (from 48 hours)
  • Web structure
  • Scope of the site
  • Content
  • Number of language mutations

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