✓ Gain new customers and start your sales
✓ We work on the authority and profitability of your site
✓ Achieve higher search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions
✓ Promote awareness of your name, website and product
✓ Get a free analysis of your site, competition and keywords
✓ Significant results already during the first three months
Website promotion in Prague with SEOprofy


In the online marketing world, the acronym SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the creation and modification of websites to ensure that their content and form are suitable for processing by automatic web browser searches.


Professionally managed optimisation can make your website more visible and give you a head start on your competition.


Despite many years of experience in online marketing, we are not resting on our laurels and constantly strive to improve our services.


Your satisfaction is our goal. That is why we work on each commission with the same diligence as if it were our very own project.

Individual approach

We prefer personal communication and approach, leading to a long-term mutual cooperation based on actual results.

Profitable investment

We do not provide any "SEO service packages". The size of the budget is purely your decision. The results await you in the form of multiple returns.


In the case of long-term cooperation our SEO, website analysis, correction of possible errors and keyword settings is always free.

Professional SEO services

The advantages of our cooperation

We are able to optimize any website and secure high-quality backlinks for it, therefore positively influencing its search engine page ranking. We are focused on delivering a reasonably priced professional service which generates additional revenue for our clients.

Promote awareness of your name, website, and product

Noticeable results within the first three months already

Get a free analysis of your website, competition and keywords

What you may encounter elsewhere:

Ambiguous services

Many SEO agencies focus solely on their own profit. That often takes precedence over the actual quality of their work and the accountability for your project.


You often get unfulfillable promises of best results, with the assumption that you will not be able to verify them. Job reports will be written in such general terms that they will look more like a list of ideas that you’ll be expected to trust.

Amateur optimization

Rushed analysis of the website, or, in the worst case, its complete absence. Improperly set priorities, wasting time on unimportant tasks.


Unprofessional setting of the entire semantic core of the website, which doesn’t take into account the marketing strategy, your competition, or the competitiveness of particular keywords.

Slow loading

There are SEO agencies that don’t really give much thought to the structure and volume of data on your website.

They ignore the simple truth that there are lots of potential customers who don’t have a strong internet connection. It can take dozens of seconds for the page to load for them.

The longer the customers have to wait, the more likely they are to leave the site before it loads and never return after.

Bad backlinks

Backlinks from nondescript websites and "internet dumps" that do not take into account the target group. Buying low quality backlinks on links stocks or using automated spam software.


These methods are known as "black hat". Although they are seemingly able to bring very fast results, they work only for a short time and go hand in hand with the subsequent hard penalty from search engines.

How we do it:

Specific services

We strive primarily for exponential growth in the number of visitors to your site and the number of conversions.


Detailed reports contain an in-depth list of the work performed each month.

You will be able to verify the progress in the achieved positions at any time. We create private online statistics for all of our customers, which we update every week.

Effective development

We approach the initial analysis very carefully, so that we can compile a comprehensive plan for the development of your website.


First of all, we analyse your product, website and competition in great detail. Only then do we embark on adjusting the semantic core, web structure, etc. We draw on proven, functioning marketing strategies for each given sphere of business.

Fast loading

We are able to significantly speed up the loading of your website by removing all the unused data from it, compressing the rest to a smaller size and aggregating everything into one unit.


Next, we will set the Cache for your website so that part of the data is stored in the visitor’s browser memory and doesn’t have to be downloaded again on their next visit.


A fast site will demonstrably increase your traffic and conversions rates.

Strategic linkbuilding

We do not use black hat automation! Instead, we create quality backlinks using legitimate methods that will serve as a badge of honour both for us and your site.


We provide you with quality PR articles linking to your website and your products. We can draw from a rich database of high-traffic sites suitable for creating backlinks. You will be seen in the right places.

How it all works

SEO price

At first, we propose a budget that would amount to the most rapid growth, based on the results of the analysis.

However, the actual volume of the investment is up to your decision (the minimum budget is CZK 15,000).

A larger investment equals a larger volume of work and will bring the intended results much faster.

We do not want you to buy any service packages – you get to choose exactly what you need.

The budget amount and the structure of the provided services can be adjusted at any time according to your wishes.

It is necessary to realize that the investment/result ratio is influenced by various factors (see the chart).

Business type and theme

Keyword competition

Complexity, age and history of the site

Other individual factors





Real estate









Personal blogs






Our answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Why should I choose you? 

We are not concerned with the quantity of the work performed. Instead, we focus on the maximum quality of all tasks. To effectively promote your company, we always do a great volume of study and research to gain the maximum necessary knowledge about your product, situation and competitive environment. Based on this, we are then able to design a working strategy for promoting your product on the Internet.

We are always in contact with our customers and don’t feed them unfulfillable promises. We are trying to build a culture of integrity that you can rely on.
We don’t perceive you as a mere source of money, but try to listen to you and help your achieve your goals. We are constantly striving to improve our methods, introduce new ones and take every opportunity to promote your company. At the same time, we do not intend to bind you with any rules.

Though we’ve been working in this field for several years, we don’t intend to rest on our laurels. We are constantly learning new things and drawing inspiration from the world's major SEO agencies and from renowned personalities in the field.

What will the report consist of? 

Each month, we will send you a list of all the SEO adjustments made to your site, a list of URLs detailing the newly created backlinks, as well as the results of search engine traffic and position analysis (optional).

When will the first results appear?

That is a very individual question. It very much depends on which services you are interested in. If you task us with complete SEO services, then the positive effect usually comes within three to four months of cooperation. It is good to realize that the result will not be immediate. SEO is a long-distance run, a long-term, systematic process that takes a lot of time and is affected by a myriad of external and internal factors.


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